Flex Circuits. Flexible CircuitsFlex Circuits

Flex Circuits are lightweight flexible circuits made of polyimide.   Such circuits are lightweight and easy to twist and fold to fit in tight spaces.  Flex-Circuits can have Domes and Overlays added to make a Membrane Switch.   Many times Flex Circuits have LEDs added to them because they are used behind control panels to light up the panel with different color lights that use very low energy.

Flex Circuits made to perfection out of polyimide and other flexible materials like PET.  Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) can be mounted on these circuits for display panels.  They are lightweight and easy to twist, fold and scrunch into tight spaces.  Flex-Circuits can also have Domes and Overlays, in addition to LED Displays and Backlighting, to create aesthetically pleasing Membrane Switches with great texture and tactile properties. PWA, Inc.

We are a premier supplier in Southern California and sell to High-Technology Business Centers nationally across the United States.

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