RF Connectors

PACIFIC WEST AMERICA, INC. provides a full range of RF connectors for use in an array of markets and applications. PCB mounted, Cable mounted, and Board-to-Board, from standard designs to custom solutions. We can supply various connectors. Please contact us.

Pacific West America, Inc. distributes S-Conn RF Cable Assemblies and S-Conn RF Connectors.

S-Conn is a premier brand located in Taiwan.

Send us a description of what you are looking for and we can provide drawings and pictures of our standard connectors.  We can make custom versions for your production lines.  Our start-up costs for new designs are very reasonable.

RF Connectors are used in Cable Type, PCB Type, and Bulkhead applications.  RF Connectors such as BNC, SMA, SMB, N, TNC, MCX, MMCX, Ultra-Tiny BNC, and Tiny UHF.

These are used in RF Cable Assemblies that we sell and on Printed Circuit Boards.  These connect PCBs to Antennas in many cases or mate with external connectors on antennas and equipment.

Please upload your drawings for a quote.

We are a premier supplier in Southern California and sell to High-Technology Business Centers nationally across the United States.

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