Fabrication “Rigid Flexible PCBS” up to 14 layers.

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), Multi-Layer PCB, Rigid PCB
Creating Printed Circuit Boards to your specifications.

“Multi Layer PCB” pictures above, are samples of Rigid Printed Circuit Boards manufactured by Pacific West America, Inc.

Request a Quote for Rigid Printed Circuit Boards.  We are flexible on types of Multi Layer PCBS. We can fabricate Flexible PCBS.

Variety of “Multi Layer PCB” Finishes (“multilayer pcbs”).

  • HASL – Hot Air Solder Level
  • ENIG – Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold
  • Immersion White Tin
  • Immersion Silver
  • Full Electrolytic Gold 30-50 microinches
  • Gold Fingers (Tips) Plating
  • Electrolytic Nickel and Tin-Nickel Plating
  • Bondable Gold
  • Selective Plating Finishes (Gold, Nickel)


PCB Webpage Part 1 for details.

PCB Webpage Part 2 for details


Request a Quote for Rigid Printed Circuit Boards.


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 Our Processes

  • Final Routing
  • Interlayer Process & Lamination
  • Drilling / Blind & Buried Vias
  • AOI (Inner Layer Inspection)
  • Plasma Etch Back
  • Electroless Copper Plating
  • Outer Layer Print
  • Electrolytic Copper Plate
  • Etch & Strip
  • LPI (Liquid Photo-Imageable Solder) Mask
  • Legend (Nomenclature)
  • Electrical Test, Ground A & Cleanliness Testing
  • Inspection Quality Audit
  • Heatsink Bonding
  • Artwork & Tooling
  • CAD Engineering