An Introduction to CNC Lathe Parts

CNC machining is a trending topic these days. This is quite natural because this specific type of machining comes with many advantages over conventional machining. For instance, any type of CNC machine can be used 24/7 if needed. These machines provide precise results. In addition, it’s very easy to learn how to operate a CNC machine.

In the last few years, more and more people are showing interest in CNC lathes. (1) This is a type of machine that has an ability to spin materials and conduct different kinds of operations including sanding, cutting, drilling, and sanding.

CNC lathe parts 1

Of course, in order to perform these operations, CNC lathe machines rely on a complex system which includes many different parts. The variety of CNC lathe parts depends on the model. Generally speaking, every CNC lathe machine should have a tailstock, a bed, a carriage and a headstock. So, a good company that provides CNC lathe parts be it Calabasas or another city in California should offer all these parts and more.

Now let’s explain some of these basic CNC lathe parts:


This is the basis of the headstock. The bed is connected to the headstock and lets the users set the tailstock and carriage in ideal alignment with the spindle axis. In order to stay aligned, the tailstock and the carriage are kept with a CNC lathe part known as a way.

CNC lathe parts 2


As we have already mentioned, there are many different CNC lathe parts and the headstock is one of the most important ones. This is actually the place where you can find some of the vital elements of the CNC machine. For instance, you will notice the change gears, the basic spindle, the mechanism responsible for changing the speed and more. This is a very durable and strong part because it has to resist the vibration and help the machine use an adequate force.


The list of important CNC lathe parts continues with the carriage, an element that contains the tool bit with an ability to go in both directions – longitudinal or perpendicular. It’s up to the operator to decide which direction they want to use. In most CNC lathe machines, the operators can select the direction manually or automatically.

CNC lathe parts 3


Feedscrew is the part that assists the operator with the selection and use of gears of the machine. So, this is basically the drive shaft that supports the gears that provide power to the carriage mechanism. It’s good to point out that the feedscrew works with the help of the change gears or the quick change gearboxes.

Cross slide

The cross slide is among the smallest CNC lathe parts located in the upper part of the carriage. This part comes with a feedscrew and a spindle axis. They work together to allow the machine to conduct facing operations.

Besides these parts, it is usual for standard CNC lathes to have a computer where operators can program CAM and CAD programs. If you need CNC lathe parts for proper CNC machining, you should stick to reputable CNC machine parts providers.